The company JAICO was founded on the 25th of March 1987. Originally, the company was located at 2100 Antwerp, Belgium. Registered office, buildings and facilities were moved to Nijverheidslaan 1545, 3660 Opglabbeek, Belgium, on the 1th of April 1989. The construction of a new facility, dedicated to the manufacturing of Insect-repellents, was completed in 1994. In 2008 this building got enlarged and in 2011 the original building got extended with new offices. Since its foundation the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, ITMA has been one of Jaico’s preferred partners together with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, SwissTPH. The patented Jaico Mosquito Milk Roll-On Formula won several prices:

  • Honorary Gold Certificate Transtech – Montreal International Invention Exhibition, Canada
  • Gold Price and Medal Invention expo Geneva – International Invention Exhibition Suisse, Europe
  • l’Ecureuil Invention Expo Paris – International Invention Exhibition France, Europe
  • Interessentenprice opeV Invention Expo Vienna – International Invention Exhibition Austria, Europe
  • Ighest honour general bank of Belgium Eureka Brussels – International Invention Exhibition Belgium, Europe
  • Public Oscar with Gold Eureka Brussels – International Invention Exhibition Belgium, Europe

All Jaico products have extensive supporting files and perform excellent in Comparative Tests and Independant Consumer Organisation tests. All products contain the Jaico Blend being a unique combination of plant extracts and essential oils. Jaico products not only undergo laboratory testing before being brought to the market but the company also performs field testing. In 2008 for example an expedition to the Camargue region, a region where there have been found vectors carrying Dengue over the last few years, was conducted by a joint team of Jaico and the ITMA. Jaico Insect-Repellents are being sold worldwide. You can find the products all over Europe, in the US, in Korea, in Thailand and neighbouring countries, in the Caribean region, … Millions of Insect-Repellents leave Jaico every year and are being sold by external pharmacy distributing companies which determine their own brandname. Jaico will register a broad range of products under the new European Biocidal Products Directive. The company is becoming and plans on staying one of the world’s largest authorities in developing, manufacturing and regulating Insect-Repellents.

Thanks to our well-chosen strategy to work with external distributors and to have a strong focus on a specific market segment, our small team can succeed in leaving a strong impression and profiling in the European and world top in the market of insect repellent development and production.



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